Welcome to Habermann Translation. We offer high-quality English-German and German-English translations, as well as proof reading for translated documents..

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Habermann Translation specialise in high-quality English-German and German-English translation for both personal and professional use. Our skilled translators have worked on everything from medical and scientific books to websites and business literature.

We offer a professional and timely service, delivered by professional translators who speak both fluent German and English. Haberman Translation is based in Stafford but works across the UK and Europe thanks to Skype. We translate, proof-read, and teach. English to German. German to English.

The company was set up by myself Erasmus Habermann. I was born in Germany and studied in the UK where I have been for more than half of my life now.

I am wheelchair bound and was born with Cerebral Palsy which severely affects my mobility and has a modest impact on my speech. After university, I strived to become self-sufficient and translation seemed the most appropriate career for me, after I’d struggled to secure a job.

I started my own company and have worked successfully with many local and regional clients. I have gathered an excellent team of translators who are native speakers.

I translate daily, and when you work with me, you get an added bonus – you are contributing to your corporate social responsibility activities. Not only are you supporting a small local business, but you’re also allowing me income and independence.

I work with many sectors: military, import and export, education, logistics and the hotel trade. In fact, with any company that has an occasional or regular need to write or translate German to English, or English to German.

I am your primary contact and execute much of the work myself. Where workload dictates, the Habermann translation team comes together to deliver client projects on time!

Habermann Translation

Services We Offer

Habermann Translation offers a variety of services, including:

  • German Tutoring
  • English to German Translation
  • German to English Translation
  • Proof Reading of documents translated into German
  • Proof Reading of documents translated into English
  • F1 Blogger
  • Video Editing
  • Video Subtitling and Voice Overs

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